• Question: Tell us a joke.

    Asked by freya to Luke, Angeline, Catherine, Philip, Shona on 18 Mar 2015. This question was also asked by 477terb48.
    • Photo: Shona Whittam

      Shona Whittam answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      I got asked for a science joke in a live chat and all I could think of was:
      I am reading a great book on anti-gravity. I can’t put it down.

      I won’t give up the day job as I wouldn’t be a good stand up comedian.

    • Photo: Philip Moriarty

      Philip Moriarty answered on 18 Mar 2015:

      I’ll show you a joke instead of telling you one, if that’s OK? I’ve always liked this:

    • Photo: Angeline Burrell

      Angeline Burrell answered on 19 Mar 2015:

      What do you call a chicken crossing the road?

      Poultry in motion.