• Question: Do you think that we will ever find a cure to cancer?

    Asked by rebel to Shona, Angeline, Catherine, Luke, Philip on 9 Mar 2015. This question was also asked by Perfect Particles, Magnificent Molecules, Croucher, saugaat12.
    • Photo: Shona Whittam

      Shona Whittam answered on 9 Mar 2015:

      I don’t think we will ever be able to stop people getting cancer in the first place but I think our treatments will advance so less people die from cancer.

    • Photo: Angeline Burrell

      Angeline Burrell answered on 17 Mar 2015:

      Shona is the expert, but from what I’ve heard there are so many different kinds of cancers and ways of getting cancer that it’s highly improbable to find a cure for all of them.

    • Photo: Philip Moriarty

      Philip Moriarty answered on 19 Mar 2015:

      This is entirely out of my area of research/science, I’m afraid. I really don’t have any training or background in medical science so won’t expose my ignorance by trying to answer. Sorry!