• Question: Are you always prepared for any scenarios that may occur in your day to day job?

    Asked by Perfect Particles to Angeline, Catherine, Luke, Philip, Shona on 9 Mar 2015.
    • Photo: Angeline Burrell

      Angeline Burrell answered on 9 Mar 2015:

      No, but I usually am. Unexpected things in my day are usually related to people, not science. Though I would not be well prepared if a satellite or radar I was using broke 🙁

    • Photo: Philip Moriarty

      Philip Moriarty answered on 10 Mar 2015:

      Absolutely not! That makes the job a little bit scary at times but I’d rather have that than every day being exactly the same with nothing unexpected.

    • Photo: Shona Whittam

      Shona Whittam answered on 12 Mar 2015:

      Not all scenarios. But I have only been working for just over 4 years and other members of the physics team have been doing this job for 20 years. Usually someone in the team has experience and can help me when I face a new scenario.